Message from CEO

A message from Toyoshima Toshihiro, CEO of Mercuria.

Growth of Happiness

Ever since its establishment in 2005, Mercuria Investment has been consistently making various forms of investment with "cross-border investment" as its main concept. We have also been actively engaged in cross-border challenges by independently launching a company that matches our growth hypothesis, and investing in Chinese real estate and listing the asset as a Hong Kong REIT, a first of its kind as a Japanese fund.

Through these investment activities, we hope that the happiness of all stakeholders will increase through the effective use and circulation of the investment funds.
We will support growing corporations by providing growth equity so that new values are created in the society, and we want to help you as an equity partner if your company has needs for restructuring and business succession.
In the globally low interest rate environment, we would like to take a renewed look at “assets” that generate stable cash flow income and create attractive financial products.
We hope that our business activities will contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese society and the improvement of the quality of life.

Toshihiro Toyoshima
Mercuria Investment Co.,Ltd.