Matters to be Considered Regarding Financial Instruments

About Risk Matters

Certain risks, such as changes in equity etc. market price, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, and other financial indices, changes in business and financial conditions and deterioration of credit quality of the issuer of financial securities, evaporation of liquidity, or changes etc. in domestic/international political situation, are involved in the financial instruments we deal in our Investment Management Business, Type 2 Financial Instruments Business, Investment Advisory Business and Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investor, etc. and may cause a loss or a principal deficit.

About Fees etc.

Certain fees, such as sales commissions, management fees, and success fees, may be charged through the transaction of financial instruments.  In cases where the financial instrument is a fund, expenses etc. incurred in connection with the management of such fund will be paid out from the fund’s account, and such expenses etc. may be indirectly charged. As fees and the total of such fees may differ among each financial instrument and will also alter depending on the result of the investment, we are not able to list the amount, the maximum amount, and the total of these fees in advance.

As risk matters and fees etc. differ among each financial instrument, please refer to the description of the pre-contract document, agreement, and other materials etc. provided in connection to the transaction of each financial instrument.

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