Our track records in each industry.

Real Estate Investment

Our target is to invest in unique real properties and corporate real estates with specific purposes rather than investing in general office buildings and residences which face intense competition.

China Central Place

The past decade has witnessed a remarkable growth in the southern part of China as “the world’s factory” with Shanghai leading the game as the hub for the external trade. What we believed would come next was the growth in domestic demand in China, which would inevitably make the global companies shift their focus to Beijing to deal with the national government in order to secure favorable positions in the country.

On this hypothesis, we sought opportunities in Beijing real estate market, and were introduced to the China Central Place (CCP) project at an early stage. In 2006, a special purpose vehicle was set up to purchase 2 main office towers while under construction, which became the first Japanese real estate fund to invest in a large project in China. We had Nikken Sekkei work as the project manager to assure an international standard quality in the property, and the office buildings with the highest quality and competitiveness were completed in early 2007.

CCP is a multi-facility high-spec complex located in Central Business District (CBD), including prestigious commerce areas, first class hotels and high-end residential buildings. Being strategically located closer to the airport as compared to other commercial areas, CCP is highly valued by multi-national companies seeking opportunities in China,
which leads to its high occupancy.

In December 2013, the investment was reorganized as a REIT and it is now listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Spring REIT.