Track Records

Our funds and investments

Cross-border Growth Fund No.1

We have made investments mainly in Japan and China based on our growth hypothesis. Most of the major investments have been successfully divested by IPOs, M&As, etc.
Investment Approach Growth Investment
Launch October 2005
Investment Period in operation
  • IPO

  • M&A etc


    Hoken No MadougchiGordon Brothers Japan

  • Portfolio Companies


Cross-border Growth Fund No.2

Based on our experience from Cross-border Growth Fund No.1, we reinforced our sourcing and hands-on supporting. By pursuing our concept of Cross-border investment and utilizeing Japan’s strength, we continue to support business growth of the portfolio companies with our worldwide partners.
Investment Approach Growth Investment
Launch August 2013
Investment Period 10years
  • Portfolio Companies


List of Our Funds

Fund Name Launch Period Investment Solutions
Asuka DBJ Investment Limited Partnership (Cross-border Growth Fund No.1) 2005/10 10yr Growth Investment
ADP-CE Investment Limited Partnership Project Sweep 2010/9 7yr Transform Investment
Real Estate Investment
Project CS 2012/10 5yr Transform Investment
Real Estate Investment
ADP-PRISM Limited Partnership 2010/10 None Growth Investment
Axion ADP Limited Partnership 2011/8 3yr Growth Investment
SONOKO AD Investment Limited Partnership (Project Beauty) 2013/3 4yr Succession Investment
ADC Fund 2013 Limited Partnership (Cross-border Growth Fund No.2) 2013/8 10yr Growth Investment
Spring Real Estate Investment Trust 2013/12 None Real Estate Investment
Cash Flow Investment
En Fund Limited Partnership 2014/7 8yr Growth Investment
Mercuria Japan Industrial Growth Fund (Cross-border Growth Fund No.3) 2016/8 10yr Succession Investment


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About SpringREIT Spring Real Estate Investment Trust is a real estate investment trust which owns and invests in high quality income-producing real estate in Mainland China. The REIT seeks to acquire high quality real estate globally.